Contributed Articles


My Philadelphia Ghost Story
New York Times Op Ed • October 2015

The Terror of Yurei
Slate • October 2015

Black Friday Fears
Salon • November 2015

The Science of Fear
Funworld Magazine •  May 201

Sociologist who studies Fear

NBC Left Field

Why do we like to be scared?

Manufacturing Fear

Interviews and Reviews

ABC News • October 2015

“It’s no puzzle why escape room adventures are so popular”
Washington Post •  January 2015

“What are you afraid of?”
Parade Magazine • January 2015

“A Haunted House Turned Scientists’ Lab”
NPR Science Friday • October 2014

“Is Scaring Myself Healthy?” • October 29th

“Why Do Some Brains Enjoy Fear?”
The Atlantic  •  Oct. 31, 2013

“Why do we like to be scared, for the fun of it?”
SCOPE by Stanford Medicine  •  Oct. 31, 2013